Saturday, July 07, 2007

On 6th Jul.

Today, I walked around Asakusa and Ueno with trainee from Australia.

Yeah, these are nice place.

After that we went to Rikugien.
It's beautiful and worth visiting.
Rikugien is a Japanese garden near Komagome sta. (Yamanote Line.)
This gargen was established in 1707 and is located in a center of Tokyo.
There are many trees and pond and small hill. The view from that hill is also nice.
And there you can see many kinds of flowers in each season.

It was fine and hot day,today.
However shades by trees and river make us feel cooler.
Really calm place.
There are many old ppl. The old like such place.
Anyway, the good place to relax.

Visit there, if you have a chance,.


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