Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Watching TV, having beer, eating grilled scallop....

Chilling out

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good morning,
I'm gonna bed soon.

these days I spend nice days. going to club, drinking, watching fire works, walking around Tokyo and climbing Mt.Fuji.

I climbed mt. fuji 6 times so far. I don't what make me climb....
I did 2 times this year and those were really nice. at first it was rainy on the middle but finally I could see sunrise. and next time it was greater sunrise. it was one of the best sunrise ever.

and I will climb again end of this month.
it is hard work to the top though the night.
less air, cold, hard...
it seems no worth doing such a craziness.

but it'll be great experience in a life and you should climb once in a lifetime.
if you climb more than 2 times, you are crazy....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Now I don't have enough time to renew this blog .
Maybe I'm gonna change this blog cuz this is little bit weird as you can see...

I hope I will keep this blog in English for some practice.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

no title

I was surprised that someone read this blog...I have no idea how he found this.It's strange..

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I'm thinking about going to Europe for holidays since there will be a kind of revival party of my friends. umm...the problem is that it's too far from here, Japan. Moreover, I have some schedules these days and I can stay about one week even if I go there. 200000 for only 1 week. I think it's expensive. I'm a university student and student don't have money as usual.

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Monday, July 30, 2007


I climbed mt.fuji, the highest mountain in Japan as you know, on 28th to 29th July.
I climb mt.fuji every year with a lot of trainees from all over the world and it was 4 th time for me to climb there.
Usually I climb through the night for 8 hours and reach the top in the morning to see the sunrise. Seen from the top, sunrise is really great! You should see one time in your life.(I think you don't need to see more than twice)
I really wanted to see it.
BUT unfortunately I was not able to see in this year because of cloud...and to matters worse it began to rain on the way back.
All my clothes was totally wet and cold.
It's 10 deg. at the 5th sta. in summer.
Of course it is colder at the top. It's less than 5deg. and 650hPa.
That's why some get high-altitude sickness.
One of my friends got sick this year.
He said he feels bad, has a headache and so on.
He was dying.
I climbed with 26 ppl. but two guys weren't able to reach the top.
They reached 9th sta.(there are 10 stations)
I think they should have kept going even if they were sick...
This climbing was the worst one in my 4 times climbing.
No sunrise, Rain, Bus delay... It's not because of me but cannot control them.
After mt.fuji, I went spa near mt.fuji.
It was so nice.
Don't forget to have beer after bathing.
It's the best one you've ever had.
I got my fuel(beer) and refleshed.
All I needed was sleep. cuz I climbed through the night and didn't sleep at all.
So I fell a sleep soon after back to home.
Actually it was a nice trip, good experience. But I don't wanna climb any more. (I thought so every year after climbing...)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

On 6th Jul.

Today, I walked around Asakusa and Ueno with trainee from Australia.

Yeah, these are nice place.

After that we went to Rikugien.
It's beautiful and worth visiting.
Rikugien is a Japanese garden near Komagome sta. (Yamanote Line.)
This gargen was established in 1707 and is located in a center of Tokyo.
There are many trees and pond and small hill. The view from that hill is also nice.
And there you can see many kinds of flowers in each season.

It was fine and hot day,today.
However shades by trees and river make us feel cooler.
Really calm place.
There are many old ppl. The old like such place.
Anyway, the good place to relax.

Visit there, if you have a chance,.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006